The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires a person to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.  When you work with a coach, you set out on a path to greater personal and professional fulfilment.

Coaching is not the same thing as mentoring or therapy. A mentor provides subject matter expertise, wisdom and guidance based on their own experiences. Therapy deals with healing pain, trauma, dysfunction or conflict of some kind, typically with the goal of resolving difficulties that impair an individual’s emotional health and psychological functioning.

By contrast, coaching focuses on facilitating individuals or groups to draw upon their own experiences and capabilities to set and reach their own objectives. The coach is the expert in the coaching process, but you are the expert on your life journey.

  • Schedule a Discovery session
  • Select the monthly session frequency, sign a Coaching Agreement and purchase the Package
  • Book your sessions and get yourself ready for change (be on time, think about the most important area that need your attantion or change, take your notebook and pen)
  • Keep an open mind and trust the process during the meeting
  • Stay committed and complete your tasks after the session



End of the year reflection and next year planning

Fill out this form to reflect on the past year and plan out the next. End of the year summary Three major wins of the year. The year’s biggest failure and my lesson What is the hardest decision or choice I made? Was there anything this year that I couldn’t have imagined a few years […]

Small Business Success evaluation

according to a survey of 150 Dutch small business owners In 2011, an interesting study on Small Business Success based on Owner Values and Personal Differences was undertaken in Dutch by Marjan J. Gorgievski, M. Evelina Ascalon, Ute Stephan. Entrepreneurial Success Criteria 1. Profitability: high yields, good profit margin. 2. Growth: growth in the number […]

Interview to SBS Russian

about our project “I am ready” We appreciate Victoria Stankeeva’s interest in our project “I am ready”. This interview is in Russian. Please click the image below or HERE

Coaching Hotline

Did you know that I worked as a psychologist on a helpline for three years?

What is a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind groups are a great way for like-minded professionals to gain peer support, brainstorm new ideas, and establish accountability. It is goal-oriented and driven by success.