We Mind Wellness Hub Coaching Services Agreement

We Mind Wellness Hub Coaching Services Agreement

1. Introduction

This Agreement establishes the terms and conditions between We Mind Wellness Hub (“We Mind”) and the client (“you”). We Mind offers a range of coaching services tailored to support and enhance your personal and professional growth. By engaging with our services and accepting these terms, you enter into a binding agreement with We Mind.

2. Services

We Mind provides individual coaching, group coaching, and specialised coaching programmes designed to foster personal and professional development. Services are booked through our user-friendly online platform, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

3. Online booking and payment

  • Selection and Scheduling: You can select the desired service type and schedule sessions at your convenience via our online booking system.
  • Payment: Payment is required at the time of booking through our secure online payment gateway. A confirmation of payment and service details will be sent to your registered email.

4. Acceptance of Terms

By ticking the ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ checkbox during the online booking process and completing the payment, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms outlined in this agreement.

5. Cancellation, Rescheduling, and Refund Policy

  • Notification: Please provide at least 48 hours’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling.
  • Late Cancellation Fee: Cancellations made less than 48 hours before a session incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the session cost.
  • No-Show Policy: Non-attendance without notification will result in a charge of the full session cost.
  • Refunds for Programmes: Notify us at least one week prior to your next scheduled session for a prorated refund of the remaining sessions, minus a 10% administration fee.
  • Rescheduling: We accommodate rescheduling requests with more than 48 hours’ notice, subject to coach availability.
  • Exceptions: Emergencies are considered on a case-by-case basis.

6. Confidentiality and Professional Standards

  • Confidentiality: We are committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality with respect to your information.
  • Professional Standards: Our coaches adhere to the ethical standards set forth by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

7. Liability and Indemnification

  • Limitation of Liability: We Mind’s liability is limited to the amount paid by you for the services.
  • Indemnification: You agree to indemnify We Mind against any claims arising from your use of our services.

8. General Provisions

  • Amendments: This agreement can be altered only in writing with mutual consent.
  • Dispute Resolution: Disputes will ideally be resolved through mediation; otherwise, legal proceedings will follow the laws of the jurisdiction in which We Mind operates.

9. Acknowledgement and acceptance

By ticking the ‘I Agree’ box on our online platform, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. This action constitutes your digital acceptance of the agreement, equivalent to a handwritten signature, and signifies your commitment to adhere to the terms set forth by We Mind Wellness Hub. We appreciate your trust in us and are committed to supporting your wellness journey.