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High performance & Productivity coach

Olga is a growth-minded, results-focused, and practical Productivity coach who helps busy clients, like you, get the most out of your days so you can build a life you don’t need a vacation from.

A chemistry call is the first time we meet to decide if we have a mutual fit

Olga says:

“As an ICF Certified coach with extensive Productivity training, I can help you get clear on your goals, map out the path to consistently make progress towards them, improve your productivity, effectively manage your time, manage your focus and energy, and achieve your ideal work-life balance. Each person’s challenges are unique, so is my approach. You can count on me to provide the guidance, support, and accountability tailored for your situation to help you build the life you want. Looking forward to meeting you!”

Be ready to

Achieve more with less effort. Don’t do more. Instead, do more of the right things at the right time, to the right degree to get the biggest pay off. What can you spend less time on or eliminate?

Bring your goals to reality by designing your life around your goals. Do you have clarity on what you want for your life? What is a goal important to YOU that has been on the back burner? 

Do more of the things that you want to be doing and that make you YOU. Cook dinner with the family, train for that 5K, read that book you have been meaning to read. What have YOU been missing out on?

Overcome overwhelm, overworking, or procrastination. Not having crystal clear clarity and compelling reason behind your actions will get in the way of your execution. What is making you stuck?

Olga says:

I spent 20+ years in demanding tech leadership positions; building software used by millions of people and managing teams. I have always been passionate about productivity and being intentional with my time and goals.
However, once I had a kid, I realized that everything has changed and I need to seriously up my productivity game.
I read productivity books, listened to podcasts, and applied any tools that I thought would help me find balance between work, family, and my personal goals. I have found that being intentional with my goals and my time, gave me the space to be purposeful in what I was doing. Oddly enough, even though I had more things on my plate, I felt more space in my life.
What makes me different as a coach is that, in addition to Productivity and ICF coaching certification, I have 7+ years of experience of Career Coaching, people development, as well as career transitions from individual contributor to management.  

My goal is that at the end of our time together

you have a specific set of goals you are progressing towards that add up to the ultimate vision for your life and that you have the right tools and insights empowering you to stay focused and motivated to

build the life
you want

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do less achieve more without stress or overworking


Time management

manage your time and energy to ensure you make the most of the time you do have


Task management

transform your bloated, overwhelming TODO list into a streamlined, actionable, results oriented blueprint that you’ll be motivated to tackle


Goal setting

envision and build the life you want one day at a time


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What Clients Say About Olga

Olga provided outstanding coaching and resources for me in leading for accountability, planning ahead in measurable increments, and driving for results through others. She provided useful tools and techniques that I could immediately apply to success for myself and with my team, showcasing her ability to coach individual contributors as well as managers/team leads. Highly recommended.

Rob CantrallDirector of Technical Program Management, Microsoft

Highly recommend working with Olga for both career and life coaching.  Olga is incredibly perceptive, and helped me recognize negative thought patterns and self-talk that were making me feel like I wasn’t in control. 
Through several sessions, Olga expertly coached me to identify the root of these issues and provided effective strategies to figure out what I really want in my life and career.  Now I feel empowered at work, and inspired to live a more purposeful life.

Rachel LowingerSenior Program Manager, Microsoft

I have had 7 coaching sessions with Olga and absolutely love her coaching style! She is the guru of productivity and time management and I have learned so many tips and tricks from her to become more efficient and productive in both my daily and work life. If you are thinking of investing in coaching with Olga, do not hesitate. She offers so much value in her sessions!

Sophia WhiteYoga Teacher and Hypnotherapist

Before I worked with Olga, I felt like I was operating in chaos. Now I have a succinct and implementable planthat allows me to prioritize my work, stay better organized, and better manage my thoughts about my productivity and organization. I’m able to get more done in less time!
If you want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your time and productivity and create the freedom to actually enjoy your life, Olga is the coach for you!

Justin MasseyPh. D, Sr. Sales Enablement Manager

If you’re looking to take your career and productivity to the next level, I highly recommend working with Olga! As a productivity coach, she has a unique ability to help you see your own strengths and weaknesses in a new light, and then provides concrete steps for how to improve.

I consider myself pretty efficient and I have streamlined my schedule a lot this past year, but I knew it could still be better…
Olga and I spent time together pinpointing some BIG inefficiencies! And now I have a plan to approach them each week in a less stressful way.

Desiree GrosmanCapital Copywriter