Ageing Well

I’m fitter and stronger now than I have ever been and life is good. 
Fact:  you will spend one third of your life in retirement.
Fear: What will those years be like for you?

Will you be 

  • able to continue to enjoy your current hobbies and interests? 
  • strong and mobile enough to live independently?
  • active enough to play with your grandchildren?
  • fit enough to travel, walk and sightsee?
  • well enough to not need a bunch of medications?
  • free from diabetes, heart disease, cancer?
  • cognitively agile, engaged and interested in life?
  • able to avoid Dementia and Alzheimers?
  • connected with others via a vibrant community?

What are you most concerned about as you get older?

A lot of Australians have identified health issues as their greatest concern. The ability to stay well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually determines the type of lifestyle you can enjoy. 

It’s great to live until you’re 90 or 100 years old, but if you spend the last 20 or 30 years in pain or with a neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s, you’re not really enjoying those last few decades, are you? 

As they say:  your health is your real wealth! When you are at the end of your life, if your health has failed you, no amount of money can buy it back. 

Your health will not take care of itself either. Don’t hope for the best and leave it to chance. It takes deliberate and proactive action on your part to age well. 

The question is: 

What can you do NOW to build a strong foundation for your health and stack the odds in your favour so that the last third of your life is the best part of your life?  

How can you make your “golden years” truly gold?

WE MIND distills the research that is revealing new ways to delay ageing and protect against age-related diseases. The AGEING WELL COACHING PROGRAM teaches you the key factors that make the biggest impact on your ability to enjoy your golden years.

The best time to take action is right now 

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Ageing Well Program

5 keys to Live Long and Live Well
  • You may not have thought about your relationship with your body, but you have one. Let’s press reset and proactively work with your body to get the best out of it as you age.
  • Like everything, it is the mental game that (consciously or subconsciously) drives your behaviour. Not being aware of your underlying beliefs can hold you back. Let’s fix that before it happens.
  • Consider your desires, examine the possibilities and create a new vision for your future self. 
  • What do you love and want to be able to continue doing as you age? (Refer back to step 1 where we identified a new vision for your future self.)
  • We will focus on building muscle mass, keeping the oxygen flowing and maintaining stability to avoid falls.
  • And the most important thing:  moving your body has to be fun, fit into your lifestyle, and be something you enjoy doing!!
  • There is SO MUCH confusion about what to eat and when. How much and how often to eat. What to eat more of and what to eat less of. 
  • Without being prescriptive and without adopting any specific “diet” we will focus on your metabolic health which is the underlying foundation of your wellness. 
  • You can structure your life and your habits to get on auto pilot for success. Let’s do that together!
  • Unfortunately, even if we have been a good sleeper when younger, sleep seems to elude us as we age.
  • Sleep deprivation is associated with a greater risk of type two diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer’s. It causes an increase in stress hormones and inflammation in your body and adversely impacts immune system function.
  • Sleep is the best medicine for your brain and your body and we need to make sure you are getting enough of it. 
  • Feeling happy, connected and fulfilled is an important part of living well. 
  • You can be physically strong and well and live a long life, but what’s the point in living longer if you just have more years to be miserable? And it is a two-way street: misery and unhappiness can drag your physical health down. 
  • So it is important to address your emotional health for your golden years to be your best.
Get to know more about your coach

Suzi’s story:

I’m passionate about health and wellness, and have been since 2004 when I faced a health challenge with chronic fatigue syndrome.

That was a real wake up call! I realised my health was my real wealth.

Since recovering, all my efforts have been directed at proactively protecting my health. It is much easier to stay well than to try and recover your health once you have lost it. Staying well means managing my thyroid problem and staying on top of my weight. It means being proactive and deliberate about making sure I dodge the usual decline associated with old age. 

Over the last 20 years I’ve read over hundred books, watched videos, read blog posts, subscribed to newsletters and I keep on educating myself about the latest research and breakthroughs in the areas of health and longevity.

Already a qualified counsellor, I trained as a life coach in 2013 and a holobody (holistic body) wellness coach in 2022. 

You can see how the 5 steps in the AGEING WELL COACHING PROGRAM produce a holistic approach to ageing well, yes?

I’m excited to help you with your wellness journey – no matter your age. It is never too late to improve and taking action now is an investment in your best future.