What is the key to vitality?

Diverse group of people of various ages jogging, practicing yoga, and laughing together in a lush green park, symbolizing vitality and dynamic, healthy living.
Do you feel tired …… drained….. no energy?
Lost your joy and enthusiasm for life?
Can’t seem to find a way to get your vitality back?
Feel like there is something missing?

Vitality is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle – everything fits together, each piece unique, and if you have too many pieces missing you don’t get to see the whole picture.

Lots of factors contribute to energy and vitality. May be you are only missing one or two pieces of the puzzle, but they could be having a big impact on how you experience life.

You know, your HEALTH is your real wealth

Don’t settle for anything less than being the absolute best you can be – no matter what your age number is.

Getting older does NOT rule you out of enjoying a vital and healthy life.

Becoming frail, weak and tired is NOT an inevitable part of ageing.

What are the keys to
your vitality?

Become a vitality detective – figure out what pieces of your vitality puzzle are missing, then start taking action. Step by step your joyful experience of life will return.

There are 24 items in my VITALITY checklist. Discover new keys to vitality – some things you may never thought of as having an impact.

I recommend you start with easy steps and progressively work your way through the list. Small changes can yield significant results.

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You will be amazed at how much you actually can do to get to access energy, vitality and joy in life.

About Coach Suzi

Why am I so passionate about experiencing energy and vitality in life?

In 2004 I got chronic fatigue and had a taste of what it is like to run out of energy . My muscles ached and I had that skin-is-sore-to-touch feeling that you have when you are getting the flu.  My throat was sore, I often had headaches and felt listless.  And I had a pervasive mental fuzziness.  You know that feeling you have when you’ve got a cold and your head is all stuffed up – you feel like your head is packed with cotton wool and your brain just won’t function properly?  That is what it was like for me with chronic fatigue.  I couldn’t remember things, couldn’t concentrate and learning anything new was almost impossible.  I had always been an efficient and organised person at work, and I felt like I was performing very poorly. Not to mention the impact it was having on my family and my persona life. My two children at the time were 9 and 13 and I was too tired to go anywhere or do anything with them. There was no joy in life.

When you have chronic fatigue, managing your energy levels is difficult. Mostly, you just run out of energy before you run out of day. I remember thinking to myself that it was like having one of those small espresso cups of coffee and that was your energy quota for the day. Not nearly sufficient to get you through a normal 16 hour day! And when it was gone, it was gone. There was no more energy. I found myself totally drained, almost at the point of collapse.

Chronic fatigue was my wake-up call, and I’m grateful for it. I had been a single mother with two small children and did not prioritise my health and wellness. I came to realise that without energy and vitality it is impossible to live well and enjoy life.

That was when I realised the truth of the saying:

Your HEALTH is your real wealth

I wanted desperately to be healthy again, so I searched the web and read books for clues. Tried lots of things — and gradually the physical symptoms disappeared and I began the process of regaining my strength and wellness.

As part of my recovery journey, in my 50s I completed dozens of triathlons, the 12 k City to Surf fun run, three round-the-river 53 k Great Bike Rides, and a 567 k Great Escapade bike ride round the hilly south west.

I love being well and being able to live life with energy and enthusiasm.

Now I’m in my 60s. I want to experience energy and viutality into my 80s, 90s and beyond and I have a renewed focus on maintaining my strength and vitality as I age.

I want to encourage you to NOT accept a low quality of life due to ageing or any health challenges you may face.

Have a look through the checklist, identify a couple of small changes you think you could easily make and begin the process of regaining your energy, vitality and zest for life.

My heart’s desire is that you live your best life whatever age you may be.

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