End of the year reflection and next year planning

Fill out this form to reflect on the past year and plan out the next.

End of the year summary

Three major wins of the year.

The year’s biggest failure and my lesson

What is the hardest decision or choice I made?

Was there anything this year that I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago? 

What skill did I learn this year?

What values have changed? 



Main Return of the Year

Loss of the year. What has disappeared? 

What new people have appeared?

What kind of event might be described: How is this possible? 

What did you think about the most this year, and what did you devote the year to? 

What do you now know for certain? 

Goals for the next year 

What is your intention for next year

Your biggest goals

Priority activity, actions 

What kinds of resources do you already have, and what do you require? 

what unexpected events or risks could happen along the way? 

After a year, I  ___________________________________

What do you consider to be the year’s crowning achievement? 

How will I know if I’ve succeeded? 

Rate 1-10 and specify your main priority for next year: 




mission, profession



Brightness of life