Wellness and Vitality

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Wellness and Vitality

You may have knowledge and experience with weight training and aerobic exercise. You may have attended classes, tried many different fitness programs over the years, but didn’t get the outcome you wanted.

You may have decided to go harder, do more, be more disciplined to get into shape. But doing more may have proved to not be sustainable with the rest of your life. Perhaps your extreme efforts left you feeling tired and drained rather than vital and energised.

Perhaps none of the above applies to you. You are getting older and you just don’ t have the energy and vitality you once had. You get tired, need to nap, and just the THOUGHT of exercise makes you feel weak and drained. Your doctor tells you it can be expected, it is a natural part of getting older. Is that TRUE? Suzi is 67 years of age, and she will tell you that it is absolutely FALSE! It is NOT natural, NOT to be expected that you will lose your vitality as you get older.

Your WE MIND Wellness and Vitality Journey with Suzi takes a holistic approach, addressing all aspects of your wellness – your mind, your body and your environment. You become conscious, aware, attuned to your body’s needs. The program works from the inside-out – aligning, integrating, correcting, nurturing and supporting you on your journey.

Wellness and Vitality Program

The focus is not just on diet and exercise (although that is covered) – it’s about creating a deep integration between how you manage your body and your mind.
We will be working through seven building blocks to wellness and vitality.

  • Your relationship with your body
  • Old patterns and beliefs
  • Body Identity shift
  • Creative visualisation
  • Meditation
  • Zero resistance habits
  • Developing supportive routines
  • Lifestyle needs
  • Sleep
  • Health protective measures
  • Macronutrient awareness and design
  • Micronutrient richness
  • Weekly routine to build strengths
  • Micro workouts
  • Emotional Health
  • Spirituality
  • Connectedness
  • Creating a life that lights you up

This is an Online meeting to connect to find out
if and how we can help you

Zero obligation or pressure,
just two humans connecting to learn more about one another

Individual Session



  • Only the first meeting
  • 15 mins
  • via Online platform
  • Booking is essential

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Why choose us?

Suzi is a certified HoloBody holistic health coach.

HoloBody brings a profound and permanent transformation in:

  • Your fitness and vitality.
  • Your lifespan.
  • Your weight and metabolism.
  • Your ability to heal and recover.

And amazingly, even your emotional and spiritual well being.

Get to know more about your coach

Suzi’s story:

I’m passionate about health and wellness, and have been since 2004 when I faced a health challenge with chronic fatigue syndrome.

That was a real wake up call!

I realised my health was my real wealth and after recovering, all my efforts have been directed at proactively protecting my health. It is much easier to stay well than to try and recover your health once you have lost it.

Over the last 20 years I’ve read over hundred books, watched videos, read blog posts, subscribed to newsletters and I keep on educating myself about the latest research and breakthroughs in the areas of health and wellness.

Get in harmony with what your body needs to be well.
Learn a sustainable way to bridge the gap
from where you are to your desired state of wellness and vitality.

Start your wellness and vitality journey today. I promise you – the HoloBody way to wellness and vitality is not like anything you have tried before.

I’m excited to see your energy and vitality soar! 
A whole world of new possibilities will open up before you.

Service Options Overview

When is the best time to take action?  Now!

Wellness and Vitality Personal Coaching



  • One-on-One Coaching
  • 60-Minute Sessions
  • Package of 10 Sessions
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Led by an Expert Coach
  • Structured Program

Wellness and Vitality Group coaching



  • Group of 3-6 people
  • 60-Minute Sessions
  • Package of 10 Sessions
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Led by an Expert Coach
  • Structured Program