The foundation of your success

Interesting…….. I recently downloaded a guide to “100x your efficiency in 10 easy steps” by Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory University. I was curious to see what is at the foundation of our success.

10 easy steps? I thought, sounds good – let’s see.

The first step to 10x your efficiency was no surprise. it was: Improve your mental performance.

Yes, I agree, the mental game is something we need to tackle for success.

But the first line of text underneath the heading was not what I was expecting. It got right down to what is at the foundation of our success:

If you want to optimise your mindset you have to take care of your health.

It goes on: “Efficiency requires constant decision-making and evaluation. If you’re running off a sleep-deprived and foggy brain, how can you expect to make clear decisions? If there’s no fuel in your tank, how will your body have the energy you need to move forward?”

Oh, yes! So true.

Our health is at the foundation of our success.

In fact, this aligns with my fundamental beliefs and values. You have probably already heard me say:

Your health is your real wealth.

If you have ever suffered from a chronic illness that eroded your health, you will know this to be true. Once I recovered from chronic fatigue I became very focused on doing everything I could to protect my health, so that I never went back to that tired and exhausted place again.

When we are well we take our health for granted, and risk losing it. We forget how important it is to put time and energy into our health.

Good health underpins everything you do and is a factor in not only physical energy but also mental clarity.

Your health isn’t just a side project, it’s the foundation of your success in every area of life.

Ready to lift your game? Start by prioritising your wellness today.