Suzi Jenner

Wellness and Vitality Coach,
specilising in weight loss

Suzi has a range of expertise and experience she can call on to help you blast past resistance and roadblocks. In addition to an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy and her Strategic Intervention Life Coach Certification, Suzi is trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguisting Programming) and is a qualified hypnotherapist.

Most recently she competed a Holobody health and wellness course through Mindvalley and loves this unique holistic mind-body approach that produces profound and permanent transformation in wellness and vitality.

A chemistry call is the first time we meet to decide if we have a mutual fit

Wellness and Vitality is her passion

Faced with her own diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome in 2004 Suzi came to realise that “your health is your real wealth” and she has been proactive about maintaining health and vitality from the forties and fifties through to the eighties and nineties.  Her focus is on increasing not only lifespan but healthspan – so that you live longer AND live better, being fit and able to enjoy life right to the end. 

Most of Suzi’s clients come to her for assistance with weight loss. She is not a nutritionist or exercise physiologist.  She doesnt make up eating plans and exercise programs for her clients. Most people actually know how to go about the process of losing weight, the problem is that they don’t do what they know they should do, and get really frustrated at not being able to be successful in this area of their life when they may be very successful in other areas. Suzi works with them on the mental game, helps them break through barriers and overcome subconscious resistance to finally be able to achieve success.

Suzi says:

Weight loss is very complex, and different for each individual. There are many factors at play. metabolism, hormone levels, food addictions, illnesses, environmental influences — to name a few. Each person is unique in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual make up. So a one-size-fits-all approach does not work.”
One of Suzi’s top strengths is individualisation, and she is expert at working with each individual to help them find the right approach to achieve success. Her Polaris, or north star (guiding star) is

 “To be the best that I can be, and help others to be their best”

After many years of personal development and engaging a life coach to help her face down her fears, identify and move past her limiting beliefs, Suzi is well equipped to help you overcome whatever is holding you back. It is all about you getting the results you want. If you are after a life coach that will be encouraging and supportive while keeping you honest and accountable,  and you are serious about reaching your goal, team up with Suzi.

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What Clients Say About Suzi

Suzi started working with me where I was at, carefully listened without judgement and then helped me work out a direction and goals for myself. She offered effective targeted resources, strategies and insights without pushing which helped to foster autonomy and empowerment for me.


Suzi has assisted me far more than I ever anticipated. We covered a large variety of personal development topics in addition to career development. I am very grateful for Suzi’s support and encouragement.


Suzi is very strategic and knowledgeable, she has a very good process in place to help people achieve their goals. I truly recommend Suzi to anyone who needs personal or professional development.


Suzi’s coaching skills assisted me in understanding what was blocking my success and she worked hard with me to fix it. She is knowledgeable, thorough, patient and kind. Thank You Suzi – you are a star.


I’m grateful to Suzi for the work we have accomplished. It was confronting at times but, I finally feel like I’ve let the past go and now I have moved on in the right direction which I was meant for. I’m happier than I ever thought I could be.


Suzi is insightful, thorough, talented and has outstanding communication skills. Her coaching and career advice was spot on.


Suzi was there when I needed her the most and worked with me to change the direction of my life. With her coaching sessions she created for me bridges of understanding. She s my “miracle worker”. I would not hesitate to recommend Suzi – a dynamic life coach.